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  ▪ General Accounting
  ▪ Bookkeeping / Write Up Services
  ▪ Payroll Services
  ▪ Business Start-Up Services and Planning
  ▪ Compilation, Review and Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements
  ▪ Financial Statement Preparation
  ▪ Accounting Software Consulting, Setup, Support
    and Training
  ▪ General Ledger Account Reconciliations and
  ▪ Gross Receipts Tax Preparation and Reporting 

  ▪ Individual and Business Tax Preparation 
  ▪ Estate and Trust Tax Preparation
  ▪ Tax Planning                   
  ▪ Electronic Tax Filing
  ▪ IRS and State Representation 
  ▪ Late Filers / Back Tax Filers
  ▪ Payroll Tax Preparation and Reporting
  ▪ Gross Receipts Tax Preparation and Reporting
  ▪ Tax Reduction Strategies

  ▪ Business Entity Selection
  ▪ Business Formation and Incorporation
  ▪ Budgeting and Financial Analysis
  ▪ Accounting System Implementation and Training
  ▪ Business Succession Planning
  ▪ Financial Planning
  ▪ Retirement Planning
  ▪ College Planning
  ▪ Internal Control Reviews
  ▪ Fraud Prevention and Detection

  ▪ Billing, Receiving and Administrative Support
  ▪ Audit Support
  ▪ Board of Directors Support
  ▪ Federal and State Compliance Reporting
  ▪ Rate Structures
  ▪ Budget and Financial Statement Preparation